Award Winning, High End or Affordable Architectural 3D Rendering Services - A Quick Comparison

Award Winning, High End or Affordable Architectural 3D Rendering Services – A Quick Comparison

Architectural visualization is an artful representation of your architectural concept. Architectural visualization studios assist clients with the creating imagery that reflects their vision and draw attention of potential buyers.

Architectural visualization services can include 3D still rendering, 3D animation and 3D rendered 360º virtual walkthrough.

There is a multitude of 3D rendering studios that are based in India, especially focused on architectural visualization. These studios could range from award winning, high-end, cheap architectural rendering and anything in between.

Which one of these could be the best suitable option for your architectural visualization project? There are many attributes besides the quality and pricing that one should consider in order to pick the best partner for your architectural rendering project.

Here are some attributes architectural rendering studios categorized as (1) Award winning architectural studio, (2) High-end architectural rendering studio and (3) Affordable architectural rendering studio.

Award Winning Architectural Rendering Studio High-end Architectural Rendering Studio Affordable Architectural Rendering Services
Pricing structure Their services are usually set at a highest price point aimed towards luxurious / ultra-luxurious projects. Pricing by studios in this category are aimed towards best value for their clients and for themselves. Services are priced cheap or little higher than cheap – keeping the price sensitive audience in mind.
Dedicated Resources Studios in this category work on few selected projects every year. In most cases they dedicate a team of professionals for each project. These studios are selective too in terms of projects. They too, in most cases, have dedicated professionals for the project they work on. Studios or professionals at this level work in bulk and would seldom have resource to be assigned on given project.
Output Quality You get the best-in-class quality. Considerably good quality. Average or below average quality.
Premium Library You get to see the elements used in your projects, from premium library. Here too, they would utilize premium library for the elements in your project. No, they are not equipped with premium library.
Knowledge Level Experts and top brains in the industry at their disposal. Experts with greater industry experience. Novice. May have industry experience but focused on entry level projects.
Image Realism Photo-realistic, photo montage. Photo-realistic Basic rendering with missing details.
Real Looking Texture Carefully crafted real looking textures. High quality flawless textures. Basic and sometimes flawed textures.
Lighting A moody scene lit with creative lighting and ambience mimicking the real-world environment. A moody scene lit with lighting and ambience mimicking the real-world environment. Poorly illuminated rendering making it look fake.
Composition Unique and powerful architectural perspectives. Well-balanced, Compelling architectural compositions. Missing composition aesthetics. Monotonous positioning of buildings, people, and other entourage.
Technical Expertise Best in industry and at times led by the veterans in the industry. Excellent industry knowledge and technical acquaintance. Entry level software knowledge with very less or no industry experience.
Story Telling Images That’s what these studios are known for, right? At times, studios at this level do create story telling images. No.
Suitable For Very large, ultra-luxurious, and/or prestigious projects. Fits well for mid to large residential, commercial, institutional and hospitality projects. Personal, low budget projects.
Work Distribution within their Team These studios house experts to work and focused on different stages of the project. You will have access to interns with bright academics to experts with wider experience and knowledge of multiple stages of project. An individual freelancer or alliance of few.
Project Handling Capacity Big team with capacity to handle various projects simultaneously. Such studios have experience of and usually are accustomed with working on multiple projects. One at a time and may get overwhelmed in case of multiple projects on their plate.
Infrastructure (Computer systems/workstations) Best in class and most recent technology. May not be the most recent but best technology set-up. Basic hardware and technology set-up.
Ability to Address Urgent Request Mostly, they are pre-booked in advance. Yes, these studios are equipped with team and infrastructure to accommodate architectural visualization projects with short deadlines. Since these are individuals, the delivery may get delayed in case if they get over occupied with projects.
Communication With some variation, clients are offered dedicated relationship team, priority communication and resolution. Prompt communication and assigned account manager, ensures your requests are responded and addressed on time. Yes, but lacks process resulting into delayed communication.
Support Excellent Best Basic
Suitable for long term one point service provider? Yes, if the projects are ultra-luxurious and prestigious. Yes, as this suite the industry expertise, technical knowledge, and budget requirements of majority projects. Due to many reasons such as poorly established, lack of future plans etc. individuals or studios may decide to close down their services. Working with them could be a gamble.

Traits mentioned above for studios divided in three categories may vary and could be subjective. The characteristics of three type of studios are to give you an overview. We hope this will help you plan and get your architectural visualization project done with best planning.

Viz Kingdom is an Ahmedabad, India based architectural visualization studio specializing in crafting high quality imagery of architectural and interior designs. Our 3D visualization solutions comprise of 3D Rendering, CGI, Walk-Through and 360 Virtual Tour.

At Viz Kingdom, we aim to transform ideas of architects, property developers and interior designers into photorealistic 3D renderings and virtual experiences.

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