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We are a creative 3D visualization studio based in Ahmedabad, India since 2017. Our 3D rendering solutions could be tailored to meet your requirements.

We are a team of passionate 3D visualization experts who will deliver stunning, life-like and high quality 3D imagery of architectural and interior designs. The popularity of 3d architectural visualization services has seen a huge rise among the new age architects and design consultants. 

Why Viz Kingdom? We have served and are trusted by architects, interior designers, and property developers from across Australia, Canada, Europe, UK, USA and other parts of the globe. 

We thrive on our quality service, excellent results, unambiguous communication and integrity. Our 3d photorealistic architectural visualization is one of the best in the industry, making your work stand class apart. 

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Premium 3D Visualization Services

Trusted by Architects and Developers from Australia, Canada, USA, Europe and UK, Viz Kingdom offers high-end photo-realistic 3D rendering, 360 VR, and architectural animation services for architectural and interior projects.

Architectural 3D Renderings


360 VR

360 VR

Architectural Animation


3D Architectural Visualization Company in India

Viz Kingdom is one of the finest architectural visualization studios offering 3D rendering, 3D animation walk-through, 3D interactive VR and Product rendering services.

We offer high quality 3D imagery of architectural and interior designs to our clients in Australia, USA, Europe, UAE and India. These photo realistic 3d architectural visualization services are often used by our clients for various purposes such as securing permits and local body approvals, advertising, ongoing marketing, quick financing, better communication and reduce development costs.

At Viz Kingdom studio we believe in forging partnership through the right blend of scenes that convey a mood that complements your design and ideas.

No architectural visualization project is too big or small at Viz Kingdom. Our expert CGI artists are committed to delivering high-quality imageries. We make your life easy by taking away the time consuming rendering process at a comparatively very low cost, enabling you to focus on growing your business and remain competitive. So, when you are outsourcing architectural services to us, you know you are at a peace of mind when all you have to do is focus on your business!

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Projects Gallery

This project gallery showcases a variety of architectural renderings, 360 VR experiences, and architectural animations.
These projects were created by a team of talented designers and artists using the latest software and technology.

Why Viz Kingdom For Architectural 3d Visualization And Rendering Services?

Here are a few reasons why our clients prefer to work with us

Quality Imageries

Unlike 3D churning factories out there, we aim to work on architectural projects that require detailed, immersive, and photo-realistic 3D imagery.

Straightforward Pricing

Nobody likes surprises with pricing and hence you will get the quote with the price you will pay. No gimmicks. No hidden charges.

On time guarantee

Our on-time guarantee means that either we finish the agreed-upon work on time or your project is instantly discounted.

Constant communication

We keep you posted with emails and calls before, during and upon completion of the project.

Viz Kingdom a 3D rendering studio specializes in architectural 3D still rendering, 3D walkthrough, and 3D 360 interactive VR. Our archviz studio houses 3D artists experienced in working with architects, interior designers, and real estate developers, delivering high-quality photorealistic 3D imageries.

Our Current and Former Clients

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Video Testimonials


Matthew Flake - Sandy Lane Projects

"I was recommended Viz Kingdom. Viz fee proposal was very competitive. The communication throughout the design process was excellent. When we received the final rendered visuals these were of high quality and realistic. A must if you are trying to sell from plan! Fully recommend Viz Kingdom."

Matthew Flack - Sandy Lane Project, London
Abhi Kanthan

"Great company - excellent product - intuitive customer service! Highly recommend!"

Abhi Kanthan
Hy Chheng

"Kaushik and team is very prompt and professional for what they do. We highly recommend their service. Great work Kaushik. Keep up the good work. A+++++"

Hy Chheng
Testimonial Icon - Internal Communication Banner

"I had a rather challenging backyard project that Kaushik @Viz Kingdom remarkably delivered from scratch. He was very patient to listen to my concerns and execute likewise. I can’t think of a better visualization than this. I would certainly recommend him for his expertise in 3d visualization eyes closed. Also would like to work with him in my future projects as well."

Abhilash Raveendran, Senior coordinator at Ceeyem
Aida Aigular

"It's been a great experience to work with Viz Kingdom, their diligence and prompt response to our short deadline and requests helped us meet our client's expectations with top quality renderings."

Aida Aguilar, Project manager at Calnitsky Architects Associates
Miguel Sanchez Moreira

"I am working with Viz Kingdom since August 2017. He has always provided me high-end architectural visualization. Even without any meeting to discuss work or telephonic explanation of work he has understood the work very well and has given us the desired output. He has always achieved to deliver the renders on time, without exception. I definitely recommend him for his expertise in the work he does."

Miguel Sánchez Moreira, CEO and Cofounder at Viewtek
Testimonial Icon - Internal Communication Banner

“Viz Kingdom is excellent in communication and delivered a fantastic quality render for my property development scheme. I look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Steve Haussmann

“My client and I were very pleased with the quality of the finished render. Kaushik @Viz Kingom was very good at interpreting the information I gave him to complete the render. He was very prompt when I asked him to change any details and nothing was a problem. When I next need render Viz Kingdom will be my first call and it was a pleasure working on this project.”

Cesar Gusano

"Effectiveness and no compromise is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Viz Kingdom. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kaushik for almost a year, during which we have developed several architectural visualization projects. To work with Viz Kingdom represents a competitive advantage and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.”


Industries that benefit from our 3D Architectural Services

Real Estate

1. Real Estate Industry

Create immersive and engaging 3D tours that allow potential buyers to explore properties remotely. Produce high-quality 3D renderings that can be used for marketing materials, such as listings and brochures. Develop interactive 360 VR experiences that give potential buyers a truly immersive way to experience properties.


2. Architecture

Create stunning and photorealistic 3D renderings that can be used for marketing, presentations, and securing permits. Develop engaging and immersive 3D walk-through animations that allow clients to explore their designs before they're built. Produce interactive 360 VR experiences that give clients a truly immersive way to experience their designs.

Interior Deasigner

3. Interior Design

Create photorealistic 3D renderings of interior designs that can be used to present ideas to clients, market services, and secure new projects. Develop engaging and immersive 3D walk-through animations that allow clients to explore their designs before they're built or renovated. Produce interactive 360 VR experiences that give clients a truly immersive way to experience their designs.


4. Construction & Development

Create 3D models of construction sites to help with planning and execution. Develop 3D animations of construction projects to show potential investors and buyers what the project will look like when it's completed. Produce interactive VR experiences to allow potential buyers to explore construction projects before they're built.

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What is the difference between rendering and visualization?

Rendering is the process of generating an image from a 3D model, while visualization is a broader range of techniques which is used by the architectural visualization firms to communicate design concepts, including rendered images, animations, and virtual reality experiences.

What are the benefits of 3D visualization in architecture?

3D visualization helps to better the design communication, helps in client understanding, creates scope for improved decision-making, and allows for early identification of design issues. The interactive architectural visualization ultimately helps in saving time and resources.

What is the purpose of architectural visualization?

3d architectural visualization services help in communication and presenting the design concepts to clients, and the public, helping them understand and engage with the proposed architectural projects.

How many methods are there through which visualization architecture can be achieved?

Architectural visualization can be achieved through various methods, including 2D renderings, 3D renderings, animations, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Outsourcing architectural services such as to Viz Kingdom is one of the best ways to make your work get done perfectly.

What is the process of architectural visualization?

When you are working with the top 3d architectural visualization studio in India, it involves creating a 3D model of the design, adding textures and lighting, and then generating visual representations. This can include images or animations using 3d photorealistic architectural visualization rendering software.

How does 3D visualization work?

3D visualization works by creating a digital model of an object or environment, simulating lighting and material properties, and generating realistic images or animations using specialized software.

Which tool is used for visualization?

Various tools are used for visualization, including software like Autodesk 3ds Max, SketchUp, Blender, Corona, Unreal engine and V-Ray for rendering realistic images and animations. Our experts being a premiere 3d architectural visualization company in India, has the in-house experts to work for your project..

Why is 3D visualization important in interior design?

3D visualization in interior design allows designers and clients to visualize the final look of a space, experiment with different design elements, and make informed decisions before the actual implementation, leading to more satisfactory outcomes. 3d architectural visualization walkthrough is one of the most important architectural solutions these days.

Why is visualization important in project management?

Visualization in project management aids in communicating project goals, timelines, and progress to team members. It improves understanding, helps to improve the collaboration, and  making informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle.


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