4 Reasons Why Your Architecture Firm Needs a 3d Animation Walkthrough

4 Reasons Why Your Architecture Firm Needs a 3D Animation Walkthrough

What makes the architecture business different? Architect firms sell the designs of properties that do not even exist. They observe ideas drawn right from their clients’ imagination, settle them in their minds, and give them a proper structure on a piece of paper and then on computers.

But with the changing times, the technological advancements, as well as the customers’ expectations, are increasing surprisingly fast. The architecture industry is no different. Architects are now producing better alternatives to CADs to give a real touch to their designs and a never-forgetting experience to their clients. 3D rendering and 3D animation walkthrough are two of those trending advancements.

Before we dive into the reasons why every architecture firm needs a 3D animation, we need to understand what a 3D animation walkthrough is and how it works. Let’s begin!

What Is 3D Animation Walkthrough and How Does It Benefit Architects?

3D animation walkthrough is a realistic demonstration of an architectural design that enables both construction companies as well as the customers to take a realistic 360-view of their build-to-be properties. With the help of an animation video or VR headsets, one can easily take a view into a building even before it’s built. The prospective buyer can take a close look at the building’s exterior and interior view. They can also observe the intricate details in the building including glass, bricks, floor, walls, overall lighting, etc.

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4 Reasons Why Your Architecture Firm Needs a 3D Animation Walkthrough Designs

1. Psychology of Virtual Ownership

Dan Ariely has described the psychology of “Virtual Ownership” in his book Predictably Irrational: several companies increase the scope of selling their products by strategizing the schemes that can make their customers feel as if they own the product.

The same thing can be applied in the architecture industry as well. When a client looks at the 3D animation walkthrough of their future project, they would automatically start imagining how it would feel to own that property. Such real-life sentiments would bind them with their emotions, and you can easily seize the opportunity and sell your designs.

2. More convenience and better communication

3D animation design videos help property developers provide a quality experience to their clients. A property developer can show 3D animation walkthroughs for an under-construction property on the website and on social media to people who are looking for residential or commercial properties. They can understand project location, building design, amenities, and all the features offered by a builder from the comfort of their home just by seeing a walkthrough on their mobile or desktop. And these factors provide more convenience to the property buyers and give them the space to have effective communication with their property developers.

3. Attract more buyers

With the help of 3D animation videos, builders and architects can reach increased audiences through social media and websites. Such realistic and eye-catching property videos add more followers. And those followers can eventually convert into customers.

As we read in the point above, prospective buyers can learn all about the under-construction project from the comfort of their home, which motivates them to book the property. It can significantly increase the sales of property.

4. An edge over competitors

It’s a fact that the businesses who adapt to the latest technologies and walk step-by-step with the changing world tend to be the ones who sustain longer leaving their competitors behind. The same can be applied to the world of architecture too. Pivoting to the changing demands and going along with trends would be one of the best habits your architecture firm can adapt to at this time.


3D rendering and 3D animation walkthroughs are the hot demands in the architecture market. Thus, it’s high time your architecture firm embraced these trends and enhanced its customer experience.

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