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3D Walkthrough Animation Cost in India

How much does an architectural 3D animation cost? We often hear this from our prospects and see the floating on the web as one of the FAQs related to 3D Architectural Visualization. This architectural animation pricing guide enables you to get idea on questions revolving around the cost of architectural animation in India.

The pricing presented in this guide is based on an average price quoted by the 3D animation professionals operating from metros such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore would charge, and the pricing quoted by 3D animation professionals operating from the small cities.

Quick understanding of what we have covered in this pricing guide:

  Components that determines pricing of an architectural animation
  Different architectural animation price points
  Different animation services
  How to pick an architectural animation company

Components that decide pricing of an architectural animation

Final price of 3D architectural animation may vary on its length and few other factors as below:

  1. Efforts: How much effort would a project take depends on a scale, design, and details of the project. Design complexity affects time taken to prepare a 3D model of it. Other tasks that should be taken in account are landscape design, furniture design, street details etc.
  2. Quality of work: How can one observe a quality of work? You can rate quality of work based on realism of work and the way it is presented. Architectural visualization is art, animation should immerse viewers into the meticulous design of your property. Few traits of an animation that makes it stand out and you should check:
    • Composition of a frame
    • Quality of textures used in the scene. Do they look realistic?
    • Lighting of the scene. Is that impressive?
    • Moving objects like cars and people. Effect of wind on water, curtains, trees etc. Are these effective to engage the audience?
  3. Rendering cost: Cost of rendering depends on the total time taken by machines to render it.
Architectural Animation example done by Viz Kingdom
Different Architectural Animation Price Points

We can group architectural animation agencies in 3 categories based on the price and quality they offer for an architectural animation:

Please note we considered only Indian architectural visualization studios when preparing this pricing guide. All categories price range may be different (lower in most cases) when compared to the architectural animation service providers in the USA, Europe, or Australian regions. 

Cheapest service: pricing may range between USD 15 to 40 per second

At this price range one can expect presentable results, but not realistic results. This could be good for those who need a draft to check how their design looks and for an initial presentation to their client. This may not serve for the purpose of selling the properties as this cannot connect and engage the audience.

Mid-level service: pricing may range between USD 40 to 70 per second

In this price range, one can expect very good results. In most cases architectural animations are used to allow buyers get realistic experience of the project the properties.
The mid-range architectural animation price suits well to the needs of architect and builders for showcasing the exterior and interior walk throughs of their residential and commercial projects.
At this price range one can get a decent quality of architectural animation that engages their potential buyers and helps increasing the sales.

Top-level service: more than USD 70 per second

Such services are offered by few world-renowned animation studios and utilized for the prestigious projects designed by top architectural studios. The quality of work is out of the box and such services are mostly utilized for signature, and ultra-luxurious real estate projects.

Different animation services:

Our 3D architectural animation services is focused on following different type of animations:

  1. Exterior animations for condo, apartments, house, villas, luxury residential projects etc.  (also referred as exterior fly throughs or exterior walk throughs)
  2. Interior animations for condo, apartments, house, villas, luxury residential projects etc.  (also referred as exterior fly throughs or exterior walk throughs)
  3. High Rise residential and commercial building animations
  4. Commercial space animations
  5. Hotel and Restaurant animations
  6. Architectural Virtual Reality Animation

How to pick an animation company:

Here is a guide you may use to help you pick a right animation company for your project:

See company’s portfolio

Explore company’s previous work. Look for both animation and still rendered images. Contact the company if you like their work.


Consider working with a company only if they respond quickly and answer all your queries satisfactorily. Communication is the most important factor in collaborating for an animation project.

Work Process

Ask for a work process before hiring any company for your project. Do you think their workflow will make the job done easy and efficient? If yes, go for it.


Final and important factor, does the project cost fits in your budget? Compare company price with the quality they offer. If you find the cost justifying the quality of their work and fits in your budget, then go ahead.

We at Viz Kingdom specialize in crafting high quality imagery of architectural and interior designs. Our 3D visualization services comprise of 3D Rendering, CGI, Walk-Through and 360 Virtual Tour.

In these trying times of coronavirus pandemic, we strive to keep our service accessible and affordable to both new and existing clients. This challenging time is an opportunity for us to explore new horizons, go extra mile for our clients and would be happy to adjust our fees for the businesses who may be struck hard and seeing an economic decline.

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