Top Myths & Facts about Outsourcing 3D Architectural Visualization

Myths & Facts about Outsourcing 3D Architectural Visualization

In today’s fast paced economy, you need a way to tackle challenges and seize the competitive advantages. As a business offering architect, interior designing or real estate services, you must have heard and seen the peers successfully outsourcing architectural 3D rendering and animation function.

At the same time, one may also come across some myths on how outsourcing is not for everyone and does more harm than benefit.

This article focuses on unraveling some of these myths related to outsourcing 3D rendering and 3D animation services.

Myth #1 – Outsourcing Architectural Visualization is meant for large architectural, interior or real estate firms

Fact: Outsourcing, is for all – from startups to large enterprises. You can outsource a process or function of any size and at any stage. Outsourcing gives flexibility, scalability, and resources at a better pricing to your business.

Myth #2 – It reduces your existing workforce

Fact: The firms we are working with, never had to let go their team members due outsourcing their 3D rendering, 3D animation, and 360 walkthrough animations to us. In fact, outsourcing allowed their workforce to remain focused on business development and remaining competitive.

Myth #3 – Communication creates a big loophole

Fact: Gone are the days when there were limited modes of communicating. Today, outsourcing service providers are equipped with the advanced tools such as video conferencing, VOIP, chat tools etc. to streamline the business process. You will have a dedicated point of contact available to respond to your needs, queries, requests etc. right from the beginning to delivery of the project. At Viz Kingdom, we are open and accessible through majority of popular mode of communication from start, during, deliver and later also.

Myth #4 – Offshore Arch Viz studios are located in the political unstable countries, making business process risky

Fact: India has been one of the fastest growing economy and with multiple economic reforms, India has moved 14 places to 63rd among 190 nations in the World Bank’s ease of doing business ranking. As per the report titled “Future of Technology Services – Navigating the New Normal’ by NASSCOM, top Indian technology service providers have performed better than analyst estimates in the second quarter of FY21. With these facts and economic growth, you can count on political and financial stability of the country.

Myth #5 – Outsourcing Architectural Vizualization is good when one wants to reduce costs

Fact: This might sound true but outsourcing industry has evolved from a pure cost-efficiency model to new innovative value-creation models. With outsourcing you get an ability to scale staff, providing flexibility and agility to respond to the needs.

Myth #6 – There are problems related to data security and intellectual property rights

Fact: Outsourcing service providers adopt and abide to strict business policy and processes. Clients can sign a non-disclosure agreement and has option to sign a contract that suits and cover the needs related to intellectual property and other rights related to the work being done by offshore outsourcing company.

Myth #7 – Time zone difference is a huge obstacle in outsourcing 3D visualization projects

Fact: Offshore outsourcing service providers work with businesses located in different time zones and have the team of professionals available to the respective businesses during their time. We at Viz Kingdom serve the architects, interior designers and real estate businesses from Australia, USA, UK and UAE.

Myth #8 – 3D Architectural Visualization cannot be easily outsourced

Fact: Architectural 3D rendering, 3D animation, 360 virtual walkthrough, and 2D drafting are some frequently outsourced functions in the architectural and real estate business. Working with an experienced studio like Viz Kingdom makes the outsourcing of architectural visualization seamless.

Myth #9 – Results of outsourced 3D Architectural are low-quality

Fact: Working with an arch viz studio having ample experience and expertise would ensure that your project brief is understood well and the imagery delivered matches your brief and expectation. One quick way to ensure you will be working with someone capable of delivering quality imagery is to browse through their architectural visualization portfolio. Talk to them and start working with them only after you get satisfactory response to your questions.

Today, the studios and independent architects, interior designers, and real estate businesses look for a strategic alliance with offshore outsourcing partners and not merely an outsourcing agency. Using a reliable and proactive outsourcing team for architectural visualization function gives your team the space to deliver your key business and strategic objectives.

Viz Kingdom is an Ahmedabad, India based architectural visualization studio specializing in crafting high quality imagery of architectural and interior designs. Our 3D visualization solutions comprise of 3D Rendering, CGI, Walk-Through and 360 Virtual Tour.

At Viz Kingdom, we aim to transform ideas of architects, property developers and interior designers into photorealistic 3D renderings and virtual experiences.

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