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How to Hire Remote Architectural 3d Rendering Professional or Team?

How to Hire Remote Architectural 3D Rendering Professional or Team?

Post COVID-19 – the quarantines, lockdowns, and voluntary isolation has forced people from around the world to work from home. The remote roles were prevalent even before the pandemic. However, the pandemic has fast-tracked the shift in the way we work.

Our daily commute to the workplace and quick conversation at the desks has been replaced with a short walk to the living room and virtual coffee chats.

As we are nearing the festival season at the end of this year, many businesses are already preparing for the year 2022. There’s still a mix of scenarios where some offices are back to in-person work setup while some are continuing with the hybrid approach, and others have completely adopted the remote setups.

Small percent of employees and business owners want to work full time from physical office post safe reopening of workplaces after COVID 19. However, safety being one of the biggest concerns, a large number of workforces still prefer to have flexibility between working remotely and working in an office.

Looking at this scenario this means, for employers, embracing a hybrid model of work is going to be important in hiring and retaining talent in the present and coming time.

How Viz Kingdom can help your business in hiring remote 3D rendering professionals?

Viz Kingdom is a preferred offshore architectural rendering service and staffing solution provider for the businesses in Australia, USA, UAE, and few other countries.

Our architecture 3D rendering professionals are assisting some of the finest architects, interior designers, and real estate developers from diverse geographic locations in the world.

We offer:

  • Full-time dedicated 3D rendering and animation professional. We can help you in all stages of hiring a remote full-time architectural 3D artist focused to work on your projects.
  • Project/hourly based 3D rendering and animation professional. A solution that provides flexibility of scaling staff as you need to respond to your temporary needs.
  • Loaner staff at expert level in architecture 3D rendering and 3D animation work. Whether it is a temporary resource or experience gap, we can arrange expert architecture 3D professionals to work under your team’s day-to-day supervision.

When you hire us for 3D rendering services, you will experience seamless communication, collaboration, and more importantly the following benefits:

  • Tangible and attractive cost savings
  • Improved strategic decision making
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Stay focused on key business and strategic objectives

With looming uncertainties due to the outbreak of new strains, spike in COVID cases, efficacy of vaccine on the new variants etc. the remote work seems to be staying here longer than anticipated.

Viz Kingdom is here to help you assist in hiring remote 3D artist from entry to expert level. Share your requirements at and we will find the talent that is right fit for your organization’s requirement.

About Viz Kingdom

We are an Ahmedabad, India based architectural visualization studio specializing in crafting high quality imagery of architectural and interior designs. Our 3D visualization solutions comprise of 3D Rendering, CGI, Walk-Through and 360 Virtual Tour.

At Viz Kingdom, we aim to transform ideas of architects, property developers and interior designers into photorealistic 3D renderings and virtual experiences.

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