Architectural 3D Rendering Price in India

Architectural Visualization Studio shares a guide to best pricing for 3D still rendering of real estate projects.

At Viz Kingdom we often hear ‘What should be the cost for getting 3D rendering for my architectural project?’, ‘Give us the best price for architectural rendering’ and similar questions revolving around architectural 3D still rendering.

The pricing of an architectural 3D still rendering quoted by 3D artists and Studio in India, could range from anywhere between US$50 to US$5000 or more depending on various factors. Note: we have considered and averaged the pricing quoted by the India based professionals and studios located in places such as, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad etc. The pricing may vary depending on the location, size, experience, expertise, and other various factors.

Here are some facts, information, and examples to help you understand the process, requirement and aspects that determine pricing of a 3D still rendering of an architectural project.

  1. Architectural 3D Rendering Types
  2. Experience and expertise of the professional working on your project
  3. Deadlines
  4. Engagement model
  5. Various price points and deliverables

Architectural 3D Rendering Types

Here are some of the architectural 3d rendering types which our team is focused and can deliver the photorealistic images:

  • Exterior – Residential
  • Exterior – Commercial (Small)
  • Exterior – Commercial (Large)
  • Interior – Residential
  • Interior – Commercial
  • 3D Floor Plans
  • Exterior and Interior for Hospitality, Institutional and public places

The type of architectural rendering you want a visualizer to do for you, is one of the factors that would affect the final pricing.

Harrowdene Road - Architectural 3D Rendering
Experience and expertise of the professional working on your project:

Software in this area is offering sophistication in every version update, trying to make the life of a 3D artist as easy as possible. Nevertheless, a skilled and experienced 3D artist working on a 3D rendering can make a huge difference.

In addition to a 3D artist, depending on the type, and size of your project, a project manager and a photoshop artist (for post processing) may be required which would add to the total cost.

Here are few main things involved in the whole 3D rendering process which would affect the pricing:

  • Aspects that requires time and skills of 3D artist
    • Understanding clients brief and changes
    • Create 3D model
    • Texture the model
    • Setup lighting (ambiance) and camera (angle)
    • Post processing
  • Size/resolution of the final image
  • Supporting files, materials, reference images & brief provided by the client
  • Deadlines (see the next point for more details)

Components such as furniture, vehicles, people, and other required materials keep getting added to the wide range assets/libraries available to pick from. This helps expedite the whole process. However, the characteristic of the project may require an experienced and skilled artist to work on developing unique elements and the level of details for all the elements appearing in the scene.


Based on the characteristics of the project the 3D visualization studio/artist will provide an estimated time for the completion of the project. Shorter deadlines would require more resources, and labor. All these would add up to the final pricing. In some cases, the quality of final output may get affected due to too short deadlines. Hence, we recommend discussing it with the vendor and agree upon a deadline which fulfils your requirement of time and quality both.

Details (poly counts), lighting source, texture etc. are inevitable components when you expect a photo-realistic 3D rendering for your architectural project. There is very less one can do to expedite the process without compromising in the quality.

You can surely help the 3D artist by supplying all the required details upfront to reduce revisions – such as detailed plans, references, details briefing etc.

Engagement model:

At Viz Kingdom, we offer pricing for architectural 3D rendering as follows:

  1. Price Per Image – suits well when you have smaller projects such as a small or medium house or a small commercial like office or coffee shop which needs fewer images.
  2. Price for package: For medium scale residential or commercial projects for which you need a package of 3, 5 or 7 renders.
  3. Price per project – Larger projects with pre-defined multiple images.
  4. Volume contract – A contract with specific volume allows you to get better pricing.
Various price points and deliverable:

Lowest price range for Architectural 3D still rendering – US$50 to US$150 / image

There is a price advantage when working with 3d artists or visualization studios located in a comparatively less developed country. However, if you pick someone from the lowest price pool, make sure you are expecting nothing more than draft quality output and are doing it purely because of the budget.

This pricing and quality could work well when you are in a conceptualizing stage or personal project where you need someone to work on delivering the 3D still renderings at bare minimum price.

If you are really looking forward to getting best 3D rendering output from the lowest pricing pool, you might need to check things such as: the portfolio is not deceptive, images lacking fine details, what is and what is not included in the pricing, any catch, and finally, if it is too good to be believed, there must be some catch.

Middle level price range for Architectural 3D still rendering – US$150 to US$500 / image

In this price range one can expect a photo realistic renders with finest details taken care of. Developers, architects, interior designers, and real estate agents looking forward to getting the detailed 3D imagery of their high-end architectural projects, often chose a 3D artist from this pricing pool.

The imagery you get at this price range is impressive and works well for the purposes such as sales, design planning, regulatory approval, conceptualization etc. At this price range you must expect following:

  • Photo realistic and detailed imagery.
  • An experienced individual or team of architectural visualizers working on your project.
  • Ability to comply with your needs for design and deadlines.
  • Accessible for any queries, support, revisions.

Highest price range for Architectural 3D still rendering – More than US$ 500 per image

What does it take to create an exceptionally great imagery that wows? The question is subjective and cannot have one simple answer. Nevertheless, we can all agree that it takes a huge investment of expertise, experience, dedication, and time to work on minutest details, revise, improve, unique elements, etc. to create an imagery that is unique and of a masterpiece level. This, of course, has a price tag.

There are individuals and studios in the architectural 3D rendering world, whose work is admired, has won hearts and awards.

The quality you get at this price is something one may like for all projects, but the budget could be a constraint. Nonetheless, an ultra-luxury/huge/unique project with the budget of a few million dollars can surely accommodate this price range and the outcome can complement your project well from approval to marketing and sales perspective.

As mentioned, the pricing and quality related to the design/art is very subjective and the views may vary under various circumstances. We at Viz Kingdom understand this well and welcome your views and suggestions on this pricing guide to make it better?

If you have questions and/or suggestions, do share your views at

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