We turn design ideas of architects and property builders into photorealistic 3D renderings and virtual experiences.

We are a creative visualization studio based in Ahmedabad, India since 2017. We deliver high end Architectural and product 3D renderings. We provide solutions for various 3D rendering needs of our clients. No matter who you are and where you are from, we serve the people all over the world.

Viz kingdom has a talented and enthusiastic team. Our latest tools, upgraded library and constantly improved skills ensure you get a life-like outcome.

If you are looking for creative solutions, effective communication and excellent results, you are at the right place.

Meet the founder of Viz Kingdom: Kaushik Vadher

Kaushik has extensive experience as a 3D Visualiser and team leader. He founded Viz Kingdom in 2017

which is growing fast. He has won trust of his clients by ability to understand clients’ requirements,

effective correspondence and satisfactory results. He is active 3d visualizer, has keen eye on image

composition, styling and lighting.

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1. FIRST STAGE – POV (Point of view) selection

As we receive 2d drawings (plans and elevation) from you, we will start making 3d model. As the model get ready, we will send some POVs (Pont of views) in grayscale colors. You can select from those. If you have any correction in design or in POVs, you have to suggest at this stage of work.

2. SECOND STAGE - 70% complete work

We will move ahead with the selected view by you and will start material application. If you have specific choice of colors and textures, you can guide us. We deliver 70% complete work in the second stage. If you want any changes in color or textures, you have to suggest at this stage.

3. THIRD STAGE - 100% Complete work

We will start post production work after completing second stage. If you have any minor correction, we will do that and deliver you final high resolution images.